Business Analysis and Reporting

Make sense out of the information you have inside your application databases – from customer segmentation analysis to profitability reporting, you can rely on us for all your business reporting needs.

Working with some of Australia’s largest corporates, including one of Australia’s leading telecommunications provider, our consultants have extensive experience with implementing business reporting and OLAP solutions at the enterprise level.

Our experience with enterprise-level applications in this space includes:

  • Cognos ReportNet
  • Cognos Impromptu and Impromptu Web Reports
  • Cognos PowerPlay
  • Cognos Transformer
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Oracle SQLPlus and SQLLoader
  • Oracle 8 and 9

For small and midsize businesses, we offer a number of affordable open-source alternatives, including:

  • JPivot
  • Mondrian OLAP Server
  • JasperReports

Our business reporting consultants can help you:

  • Develop a business case for investing in business reporting and OLAP solutions
  • Analyse and document business reporting requirements
  • Define measures and dimensions
  • Design star schemas
  • Implement a dedicated “data-mart” for business reporting
  • Configure interactive web-enabled front-end
  • Define format and structure for regular reports, scheduling them for automatic generation and distribution